S.B. Williams Inter League Cup Rules

Friday 9th September 2016

  • 1.      Trustees.  The Trustees of the Association shall be the legal owners of the Cup in trust for the Association.
  • 2.      Title.  The Competition shall be called “The West Wales Football Association S.B.Williams Inter League Cup Competition”. The Competition shall be annual and shall be open to the Senior Leagues affiliated to the Association.
  • 3.      Control.  The entire control and management of the Competition shall be vested in the Council. The Council shall have the power to formulate the Rules of the Competition and to alter or add to the Rules as it deems expedient. In any matter not specifically mentioned in these Rules, the Council shall have the power to take such action and impose such penalties as it deems necessary.  
  • 4.      Competition.  The Competition shall be played on a League basis with each League playing each other once during the Competition. The draw shall be made bi-annually with the fixtures being reversed in each second season. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. The League with the highest number of points shall be declared the winner of the Competition. If, after the conclusion of all matches, one or more Leagues have reached the same number of points, then the League with the best goal difference shall be declared the winner of the Competition. If the goal difference of the Leagues is identical then the League scoring the greater number of goals shall be declared the winner of the Competition. If the number of goals scored is identical then the difference of goals in the match between the Leagues concerned will be the deciding factor. In the event of the above procedures failing to produce a winner then a “play off” match will be held to determine the winner.
  • 5.      Venues and Dates.  All matches shall be played in the territory of the Home League who shall notify the Association of the venue as soon as possible. Conference dates will be decided by the Association and circulated to each League. Matches may be played the week prior to the Conference date, provided both Leagues mutually agree.
  • 6.      League Colours.  No two Leagues shall play in similar colours. In the event of the colours being similar (Shirts, Shorts and Socks) then the Home League shall make a change, unless mutually agreed upon. Each League shall register its first and second colours with the Association.    
  • 7.      Eligibility of Players. The members of each team may be changed during the series of matches if necessary but:

(a)    No player who has played or acted as substitute (during the current season) in a League not affiliated to the Association shall be eligible to compete (except University, Colleges and Schools Leagues).

(b)   No player may play for more than one team in the Competition during any one season. (A player named as substitute shall be deemed to have played).

(c)    He must be properly registered with a Club in membership with the League concerned.

(d)   No player who is in receipt of remuneration or under contract shall be eligible to compete.

(e)                Players must never have played in the Welsh Premier League/League of Wales or have held a written contract with a professional football club.  

Any dispute regarding the eligibility of competing players shall be resolved by the Association.       

  • 8.      Substitutes.  A League may nominate a maximum of five substitute players whose names must appear on the Team Sheet provided and handed to the Referee prior to the match. A League may use a maximum of three substitute players, except to replace a player who has been suspended from the match by the Referee.  A player who has been substituted may not take any further part in the match.  
  • 9.      Match Officials.  The Referee, Assistant Referees and Fourth Official will be appointed by the Association. It is the duty of the Home League to notify the match officials of the time of kick off, the situation of the ground and dressing rooms and any other information considered relevant. Match Officials to travel together unless authorised by the Referees Officer prior to the match. The match officials’ fees and expenses will be paid immediately after the match by the Home League.

Match Fees for the competition will be

Referee - £22.00, Assistant Referees - £15.00, Fourth Official - £15.00.

Plus travelling expenses of 35 pence per mile.

  • 10.  Match Arrangements. Each Home League will be responsible for all match arrangements, fees and expenses of match officials, accounts and supply of footballs for use in the match. Postponed matches shall be played not later than the following Wednesday after the Conference date.
  • 11.  Match Results and Team Sheets. The Secretary of each competing League shall, prior to each match put the full names and clubs of the players who are taking part in the match on the official team sheet provided, and then hand the same to the Referee at least 30 minutes before kick-off time, who shall insert the result of the match and send it to the Assistant Secretary of the Association no later than the day following the match.
  • 12.  Travelling Expenses. The Association will pay a sum up to £180.00 (Invoice to be provided) to the home League towards the hiring of the ground. Where coach travel is used for matches involving the Pembrokeshire AFL, the Association will reimburse the cost of one coach used (the invoice to be provided and attached to the claims sheet). Other travel costs to be met by the competing Leagues.
  • 13.  Subsistence Allowance. The Association will pay a subsistence allowance to the Home League of £100.00 to provide adequate refreshments for the visiting League and match officials after the match. Any refreshments provided by the Home League for their own players will be at their own expense.
  • 14.  Mementoes. In addition to the trophy, the Association shall present 16 suitable mementoes for the players of the team winning the trophy.
  • 15.  Protests. All protests regarding the eligibility of players must be lodged with the Association within four days of the match, accompanied by a fee of £30.00. This fee shall be forfeited to the funds of the Association if the protest fails. Council may order any League engaged in a protest to pay such sums as may be considered necessary towards defraying the expenses incurred.     
  • 16.  Disciplinary Procedures and Misconduct. 

(i)                 Reporting Offences. Referees will administer cautions and dismissals in accordance with the Laws of the Game and must submit reports to the Association Secretary within two business days of the match.  

(ii)               Cautions. A record will be kept and any player who is cautioned for a second time during the Competition will be automatically suspended from playing in the next match in which his League is involved in the Competition. 

Any outstanding single caution which does not result in a player being subject to an automatic suspension shall not be carried forward to subsequent Competitions.

(iii)             Dismissals.  A player dismissed from the field of play by the Referee for any reason will be automatically suspended from playing in the next match in which his League is involved in the Competition.

(iv)             General. 

(a)    Any suspension which remains outstanding at the end of the Competition shall be carried forward to the following Competition.

(b)   In special cases where a match official’s report indicates that a serious breach of FAW rules relating to misconduct has occurred and which is not provided for in these procedures the Association reserves the right to prefer an appropriate charge of misconduct against the player or person concerned.       

  • 17.                            Rules.   The Rules to be observed in the Competition shall be those of the West Wales Football Association. All questions of eligibility, qualification of entrants, interpretation of the Rules or  Laws of the Game, shall be referred to the Council of the Association whose decision shall be final.